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About KiTTN

KiTTN (born Katherine Leander) is a Chicago native, currently residing in NYC.  With both parents from Guyana, South America, KiTTN grew up listening to soca, calypso, reggae and jazz.  

In high school, KiTTN played the Upright Bass and was in classical orchestra class and a jazz band.  KiTTN’s style is clearly influenced from a long history of listening to various musical genres. 

KiTTN has always found joy in writing poetry and short stories; she took this hobby to the next level and launched a music career mid 2019.  

Her first significant breakthrough came in the summer of 2020 (amidst the global pandemic) where she was invited to participate in The Takeover Festival (sponsored by Nordoff Robbins and Bose), an online festival and music conference designed to showcase talent and provide practical advice for independent musicians.

Her song Don’t Wait was featured in an aerial performance called The Graveyard Show (featured by Quark Circus) a boot-strapped, backyard, socially-distanced circus show about grief, death and healing.

Since then, KiTTN has collaborated with producer Madeinqns and recording artist SH3.  KiTTN is also working with recording artist Goldilocks on a remix for her popular song Tipping The Scales.

She continued to build recognition with the release of her singles I Know You So Well and self titled album KiTTN, both surpassing 2k Spotify streams.  Both records are a nod to KiTTN’s storytelling style.  KiTTN’s overall style is melodic like Kamaiyah and Chika with a feel-good vibe like Monie Love.  Other influences include Rapsody and Lizzo.

KiTTN’s tenth single Aim High is a true celebration of lyricism and is for those who consider themselves real “hip hop heads.”  KiTTN’s heavy hitting intro speaks raw emotion into existence, boasting heavy rhymes and peeling back personal layers.

Currently, KiTTN is gearing up to perform her first Instagram Live show, streaming on Friday, March 5th at 7pm Eastern time.



New York, NY

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