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1 Day At a Time...

Before reading this, I need everyone to take a collective deep breath...we will get through this. Some of you have been fortunate enough to be working jobs that already allowed you to work remotely; for others, this is completely new territory and I can feel YOU feeling stir-crazy.

Never fear, KiTTN Music is here to let you know that I see you and your ambition. I see the drive. You've got nothing but time on your hands and a bucket list of items waiting to be accomplished.

I am here to tell you that it is OK if you don't finish reading your collection of new books. It's ok if you don't workout twice a day. It's ok if you don't write your next Pulitzer-prize winning novel.

Don't give yourself undue anxiety about finishing fifty billion tasks. You are already involuntarily tasked with being anxious about what's happening in the world right now; don't voluntarily add another layer.

One project I am currently working on is a new song called Don’t Wait. I have tasked my producer @madeinqnsny with the unexpected request to produce this song remotely, which is much more difficult than you think. Through a combination of re-records, revisions, mixing software and Ony’s usual wizardry, we are making progress one day at a time.

Choose one project and finish it before moving onto the next. Avoid distractions and keep your ideas moving without bombarding yourself with unnecessary stress.

We got this!


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