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A Ray of Light

Just when you thought I was wrapping up the summer with an anthem against procrastination (aka Don't Wait), I hit you with another banger Sunshine featuring the ever so talented recording artist SH3. I knew I wanted to create a song that had more of an R&B feel just to add something different to my music catalogue, so I started perusing beats on Madeinqns's beat page. I chose a track with a slower tempo, accompanied by a jazz-style flute and soft chorus. Sunshine takes listeners down a slow-tempo, smooth R&B path reminiscent of Minnie Riperton’s Inside My Love or Les Nubians Makeda. Once I heard the words of the chorus (written and performed by SH3), I knew what direction this song would take:

Darkness is leaving us

But I'll have sunshine all day tomorrow

I'll have sunshine all day tomorrow

This song personifies those lovey dovey feelings when you first start dating someone. Your heart is filled with lust and excitement, but then comes the realization that being completely vulnerable with someone you just met is scary.

Not only can this be scary, dating can also cause some anxiety along the way. Because you are two different people with two different schools of thought when it comes to courtship, one person's feelings can progress faster than the other's; that can be difficult to sit with. Or, one person might consider seeing each other a few times a week sufficient whereas the other person prefers daily communication. But that's the magic word in this conversation; communication.

Being able to communicate your needs throughout any relationship (or situationship) is the key to success. There should be space for each person's differences and conversations about what works and what doesn't. That includes a certain level of compromise from both sides. If you can achieve a balance with the other person, you then have the opportunity to build something really beautiful together. #namaste

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