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Aim High

Aim High produced by BOGER, is a true celebration of lyricism and is for those who consider themselves real “hip hop heads.” The heavy hitting intro speaks raw emotion into existence, boasting heavy rhymes and peeling back personal layers.

Unlike my last self-titled release (which was all about having fun and letting loose) Aim High gets your attention as it calls out lazy songwriters and weak lyrics.

Oh my gosh I need a sick beat

So I can get these people standing on their feet

A monstrosity I think you need the glossary

to help you understand

Sh*t is mediocre at first glance

Not spewing the hate

Just stating the facts

Sidetracked out of focus

Your sh*t's whack

In my following verses, I highlight more serious topics like growing up without my father and being bullied.

Used to listen to my peers said I was worthless

Call me stupid everyday my heart was hurting

Never had my back but it's cool now

Got my own crew don't need you around

Pat myself on the back build my own spirit

So much love around but you'll never feel it

That's for the real ones only please believe I mean it

Though it has been a struggle all my life, I speak confidence into existence every time I release a new song.

Listen to Aim High here. It is also streaming everywhere you listen to music.

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