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Are you an Artist? Find a MENTOR!

I've met plenty of folks who believe mentorship is only for High School students or those looking for career advancement in an already established day job. But what if you have a goal outside of the traditional '9-5'? What if you have no resources to get your goals off the ground? What if you don't know where to start? Wouldn't it make sense to seek guidance from someone who is already established in your craft? This is called a Mentor.

Many aspiring musicians possess an endless amount of drive with no clear direction. Having a mentor can mean the difference between you learning how to sustain a living (both financially and emotionally) through your goal vs. your goal landing on a bucket list.

Your mentor should not only serve as a voice of reason, they should also BELIEVE IN YOU. The last thing you need as an aspiring artist is to spend time with someone who does not take you seriously. However, if you want to convince someone else to take you seriously and believe in you, the first step to that theory is to believe in yourself.

One of the most important mentors in my life is my primary music producer, Anthony "Ony" Irvin @madeinqnsny . Ony and I met on the 'grams; I posted a video of myself rapping, he commented, the rest is #herstory.

Since Day 1, Ony has helped me network with other artists and industry leaders, recommended reading materials, assisted me with goal setting and how to develop a feasible budget and marketing strategy. On top of all this, he has provided me with a level of emotional support that every artist needs at the beginning stages of their craft.

Being an artist is one of the most vulnerable ways a person can express themselves. If you are brave enough to expose yourself to scrutiny and criticism, turn that into growth, and use that growth to guide you, you’re way ahead of the game. So keep calm and surround yourself with smart, encouraging people.

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