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Baby’s 1st Music Video!

Ahhhhh! Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me say that being on camera up close and personal is about to conquer all sorts of fears in one shot (pun intended). I generally like to map out a plan before executing plans. I live by my Google Calendar and could not imagine my life without it. I knew that if I was going to make a video, I wanted it to emulate my natural self; simple but meticulous, witty and fun.

You will notice each scene matches with each verse, so there will be a few studio shots and some other footage as well (obviously I’m not going to spill too many beans). I didn’t want to keep the audience guessing too much. Filming this video in a touristy location on a busy weekend was a risk I knew would be worth taking. I can honestly say I have no idea how people reacted around me. Part of my tactic for keeping my nerves under control was to only pay attention to the filming cues and listen to the audio. There was an incredible amount of focus involved and it was definitely not perfect after the first, or even tenth try, but hey practice makes perfect right?

There will definitely be some interesting scene transitions and my super talented videographer (@ljbeats) had fun playing with the lighting throughout the video. While I’m on the topic, I’m going to give LJ an extra special shout out for being so easy and flexible to work with. As someone who knows nothing about how to shoot a music video, acting, etc., I really appreciate how patient he was with this new kid on the block!

I learned so much in such a short period of time (if you consider 7ish hours short)! I learned that sunny days can be tremendously harmful to the outcome of daytime filming. I also learned that sometimes you have to be flexible with your vision. For example, I thought it would be dope to get a shot of myself coming off the train, running up some stairs in DUMBO; that turned out to be a horribly impossible task on a Saturday in Brooklyn. Not to worry though, some wonderful footage was still captured. I can say that a fun time was had by all.

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