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Don't Wait, Don't Wait!

There is so much background behind my sixth solo single, Don't Wait, I'm kind of unsure where to I'll take you back to the beginning. I started writing this song last summer when I was laid off from my job. I felt like it was the universe's way of giving me time to work on what I really want to do with my life, which is create music. I am no where near a point of sustaining myself financially through my music, however when I lost my job it was an opportunity to set myself up for success. In other words, whatever job I worked next needed to fulfill three important goals: 1- my income needed to support a monthly marketing budget, 2 - I needed to be able to record in a studio (rather than my apartment) and 3 - I needed work/life balance so that I was not spending 85% of my time pushing someone else's goals forward. I finally found that job and I haven't been happier! Don't get me wrong, being a Recruiter isn't always a 9-5 job; most days it is more like an 11 hour job, but when I log off I have the peace of mind that my time begins and I can focus on my passion, which brings me to Don't Wait.

In addition to touching on the topic of not waiting to pursue your goals, I also make mention of making my mom proud. I think every child who has a close relationship with a parent, has a goal of making them proud. Unfortunately I can't ask her how she feels about me now (she lost her battle with cancer six years ago), but I feel in my heart that she's smiling at my accomplishments, including finishing this song.

When we received word of her illness, her journey from discovery to her home-going was swift. Therefore, I thought I had more time to fly home and learn to cook alongside her. I thought I had more time to take her back to her homeland of Guyana, so she could show me where she and her siblings used to go swimming, and where she learned to climb trees and pick mangos. I thought I had more time to pick up the phone and say I love you. But I waited, and in a flash she was gone.

That is why she's mentioned during a verse, as well as the hook:

Brain cells faded

Stuck in middle ages 

middle ages Need a change and I can taste it

Gotta prove to Mom I made it ....

....Forget about the critics

Look up and say you did it 

Purpose of the struggle 

To find music my mother my mother

My mother my mother

I can't stress enough how scary it is to put your dreams and aspirations in motion; you never know how it'll turn out. I may never reach the pinnacle of my standards of success, however I'd much rather put things in motion rather than not trying at all. Waiting tomorrow to do something you could have done today, will be the biggest regret of your life. If you've had a terrible disagreement with a friend, don't wait until tomorrow to make amends. If your family and friends are calling you today, don't wait until tomorrow to call them back. Do that sh*t today!

ps - look ma, I made it! :-)

pss - in case you didn't notice those hyper links above, feel free to listen to Don't Wait here.

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