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For My R.O.D. (Ride Or Die)

KiTTN's latest single, R.O.D. (Ride Or Die), (Produced by CULTXRE, Mixed/Mastered by Madeinqnsny) cuts deep into the best parts of hip-hop music: heavy hitting 808s, rhythmic rapping, and an infectious percussive beat. R.O.D., which stands for "Ride Or Die" is pretty self-explanatory as it celebrates the people who are most loyal to you (friends, family, etc.), who ride for you, no matter what.

You’ll hear a special shout to KiTTN’s wife aka “my shawty”, Keri. KiTTN also acknowledges her cousin’s merchandise brand, Haus Of Abraham (HOA). KiTTN plans to wear a pair of custom HOA’s joggers (hence the line “Abraham on my waist” in the first verse) in the music video for R.O.D. (Watch the R.O.D. (Ride Or Die) here. KiTTN also celebrates the strong women in her life, her “Sister Keepers” - A tribe that supports you through your leap of faith, keeping you fueled & aligned (as defined by Marica Lowe, founder of The Purple Kitty). CULTXRE’s beat will remind you of A$AP Ferg, Slow Thai, and Mac Miller. R.O.D. is a reminder that you are not alone in this world, and it is ok to lean on those who love you.

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