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I Know You So Well

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Following her single featuring recording artist SH3, KiTTN keeps us in the mood with a slow-tempo rap ballad called I Know You So Well (IKYSW), produced by Hossy Beats, mixed/mastered by Madeinqnsny. KiTTN shows us her softer side, resisting the urge to cloud the space where the bass line sits.

The gentle introduction of IKYSW leads the listener to believe they may be in for a love song, but as soon as the first bar hits, you realize it is the exact opposite of that. IKYSW addresses deceit and dishonesty in wayward relationships.

The subtle presence of the chords will remind you of Chris Brown’s Put In Work or Bryson Tiller’s Blame. Though a seemingly sour theme, you’ll notice by the end of Verse II, this song is actually about confidently closing the door on a situation that is no longer working, realizing that the person you are with might not be your person.

By singing the title line as the hook, KiTTN manages to give us smooth vibes and warm tones to describe a situation that isn’t always the most pleasant topic to navigate. KiTTN keeps the romance at bay with IKYSW, more so highlighting feelings of nonchalance with a cool lack of concern with such lyrics as “man it’s cool, I ain’t catching hurt feelings, plenty of fish and they all need eatin.”

IKYSW is the perfect marriage of singing plus rapping, pieced together between two hard-hitting verses. KiTTN’s growth and vulnerability are obvious on this record as she steps into her most refined song to date.

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