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KiTTN Strikes Back with a Self-titled Hit

KiTTN comes back swinging with her self-titled ninth single KiTTN, produced by Orioncreates. The song title speaks for itself as KiTTN plays no games, settling comfortably into the Rap & Hip-Hop space. This one’s all about the rhymes as KiTTN confidently inserts her presence into the “femcee” league.

This song was written late July on a bright and sunny day while sitting near a lake in Brick, NJ. It’s no wonder KiTTN was conceptualized in under thirty minutes. You can expect the chorus “what’s my name, that’s KiTTN” on a constant loop in your head, as it is easily nostalgic of Lil Wayne’s Clap For Em, Saweetie’s Tap In, or City Girl’s Period (We Live).

In addition to KiTTN’s in-your-face lyrics, the listener can’t help but twerk to the chorus especially. The shift in KiTTN’s energy and fearlessness is infectious, daring you to question her mindset on forging ahead with her music career. You also can’t help but notice a slight diss to those [artists] who lack creativity in their songwriting.

The KiTTN song is anything but one-note. Writing comes easily for KiTTN, as she demonstrates some fast-talking song-writing talents in this song. The faded freestyle-sounding outro is a tease to a future song, which was actually part of a song entry submitted to the Black Thought Master Class contest. Without any complex messaging, KiTTN just wants you to get up and dance to this one. Following the KiTTN song release, stay tuned for an epic dance video featuring Afro Dance sisters JammersGH and a special appearance from Haus of Abraham.

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