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'Nasty' is Nice

This is a story about the very definition of growth. Picture this: two people in the corner of a shared office space scouring their Spotify playlists for an album to help get them through their mundane jobs. Both stand up to take a classic seventh-inning style stretch when a glimpse at each others' computer screens results in a simultaneous upward bend of the mouth. My side-eye caught a gaze at Taylor's (Tay's) playlist which was a mix of Lil Uzi Vert, Eminem and Travis Scott. His head-nod of my list which included Common, A Tribe Called Quest and Rapsody, was the only sign I needed to start a conversation. As it turned out, Tay was an aspiring rapper and producer and I was a writer just starting to dabble in the songwriting game. Quick chats during work hours suddenly evolved into coinciding lunch breaks, midday coffees and after work meet-ups. Thus, Blve Kitten was born (Blve coming from Tay's middle name "Blue" and Kittn as a play off my nick name "Kat"). We were a perfect marriage of Tay's trap music influence coupled with my obsession with old school hip hop and funk. Our first song Every Word You Said is a super cocky "F*ck You" anthem to all our exes, boasting a fresh era for our new found self confidence and welcoming of bigger and better things. We quickly followed that up with our second, self-titled single Blve Kitten, an ode to how Tay and I met and the goals we set out to accomplish through music. Like many artists we were hungry, motivated and had specific visions of how we wanted our music careers to develop. Initially those visions did not fully align so we decided to put a pause on Blve Kitten. However, what that pause bread was a literal pause on how we viewed ourselves as artists and as friends. The space we respectfully gave each other birthed an explosive, much more polished sound for Tay, resulting in an arsenal of new music and an impressive catalogue for an up and coming artist. As for myself, KiTTN (formerly known as Kitten) also embraced this growth spurt, connecting with a producer from Queens and launching a few hits of my own. The beauty of real connections is that they never fade and you will always gravitate towards them. While Tay and I perfect our solo music careers, we have continued to be each other's cheerleaders and actively support one another's evolution. I am unabashedly a super-fan of Blve's music and will literally scream with pride and excitement when he wins his first grammy; bookmark that.

That evolution is unequivocally visible on our latest release Nasty (coming soon)! Only the universe knows what it has in store for this level of ambition but one thing's for sure, the world is guaranteed to be blessed by many, many more projects by Blve + KiTTN.

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