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Nasty is the new Yummy

Brownie points for those of you who recognized the nod to J. Biebs in the title :-). My recent Friday night strolls on Lé Beatstars

introduced me to a beat maker in Milan, Italy @cheaplimosine who masters the art of creating Kaytranada type beats. One such beat caught my ear; a chill-out club vibe followed by several catchy hooks quickly turned into @blvemusic Tay and I’s latest single Nasty.

Nasty is not for the faint of heart, boding expletives in almost every bar (put on your earmuffs if you’re sensitive to these). With lyrics like “your eyes only, POV”, there is no mistaking the sexy vibes of this song.

With Tay’s exciting and unexpected falsetto harmonies, coupled with my sultry last verse, you will easily find yourself [also] getting “hot in your spirit."

Check out Nasty on Soundcloud and on Youtube and share your thoughts with us.

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