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The Artist Formerly Known As...

Let's talk about the brand. As a musician, while that may be a singular entity, you're still a brand. And that requires recognition. Obviously in my logo design I'm using a play on a literal cat theme + my own name, but I've got to work with the assets I have. I always had it in mind to incorporate vinyl in my logo as a nod to my musical roots.

My mom had THE best collection of records ranging from Byron Lee & The Dragoneers to Herbie Hancock to Miles Davis. Jazz spoke to me the most, especially that B*tches Brew album. The sounds of drum brush sticks slapping across high hats, mixed with perpetual whaling trumpets and soprano was all making love to my ear drums.

Going forward, you may call me The Artist Formerly Known As KiTTN. Kidding! But seriously though, recognize that logo; you'll be seeing it a lot...

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