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Time Management - The hottest commodity since…forever.

As someone who dabbled in music as a child, then veered away from it, then circled back to it after realizing it IS the calling, I can confidently say that this will be a process. When you’re young, you are invincible. The world is your oyster. You are bold. You are ambitious. You are a force to be reckoned with. As you get a little older, you realize that force needs a bit more rest than what was previously used to!

Sometimes that unstoppable drive is not enough to help you accomplish the 1000 things you want to do before the day is over, to help push your craft forward. One thing that has helped me stay focused on those 1000 tasks is time management. Sure, easy to do when music is your sole focus. That will be my life once I “make it”. Until then, multiple priorities will remain present, all of which require a level of nurture and care.

My lovely wife is in the midst of developing her own business, and I know that makes me fortunate to be with someone who understands the "hustle" mindset of juggling the day job against the passion. You need that day job in order for the passion to exist, at least in the beginning stages.

Sleep starts taking a backseat to family, friends and even meal time! I’m finding it so helpful to treat my music career as an actual business, rather than just crafting songs and hoping someone will hear them. You have to schedule time to work on all the aspects of your career. That means email marketing (shout out to those who signed up to follow me along this journey), managing social media and other engagement strategies, creating a brand, publicity, have financial backing, legal council, familiarity with copyright laws and licensing agreements, just to name a few.

I’m so blessed to have some of these connections already established and I truly look forward to the blood, sweat and tears to come. I hope to inspire others to take on their dreams, despite the challenges that accompany the journey.

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