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Tipping The Charts with Goldilocks

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I recently paired up with Goldilocks and dropped a fire remix for Tipping The Scales. Goldilocks and I linked through a mutual connection, Blonde Music News, who thought we might enjoy each others' music. I immediately gravitated to Goldilock's interesting blend of Reggaeton and Hip-hop. Most of Goldilock's music is written and performed bilingually, which helps set her apart from other artists in her genre. When I listened to her song Animal, I knew I wanted her to add some heat to Tipping The Scales.

We recorded Tipping The Scales - Pt. 2 in her home studio in Queens, NY, which was quite the vibe. I was initially intimidated in Goldilock's presence; she is the most seasoned recording artist I have worked with, so I wanted to set the bar high for myself and really showcase my professionalism. Goldilocks made me feel so at-home and comfortable, I was able to let my guard down enough to try something I had never done before, which is writing my lyrics "on the fly."

Goldilocks also went above and beyond my expectations for her contribution to the song with her own dope lyrics:

"It's like the scales tip forever in my favor

Tell me what you want, I got flavor, I got crypto I got paper...

...Moving weight, how I shape shift

Took my main B*tch for a facelift

With the spare change from my playlist

Plays I been making"

Goldilocks remains true to her style, adding lyrics in Spanish to the song as well.

Check out Tipping The Scales - Pt. 2 and drop us a line with your feedback.


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